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What is Stronguard?

Swivellink® continues to add quality innovative products, and the Stronguard® product line is another example of this. Stronguard® is an industrial guarding line built to solve two needs in automation and manufacturing:

Modularity – The design allows product to be stocked on the shelf and assembled in minutes. No more waiting for custom guarding!

Strength – Stronguard® was designed and manufactured with durability, longevity, and strength in mind. No more cheap guarding in your plant!

Stronguard® is some of the best guarding on the market. If you’re looking for strength, modularity, and easy to assemble, there is nothing quite like Stronguard®. This design has been used for several years and we’re excited to share it with you. 


Features Include

Distributor Lead Feedback Form

Distributor Lead Feedback

Wayne Delong

The first time I saw Swivellink on a machine I thought “Wow! That’s just what I’ve been looking for!”
Now, I get a kick out of it. Every time I show it to one my customers I get either “Where did you get that?!” or “That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!”

Brian Seguin

The Swivellink mounting system makes mounting Machine Vision cameras and Lighting simple. The adaptability and articulation of the product allows us to mount Cameras and lights in areas where a custom bracket would take hours to manufacture and still not have the same flexibility for positioning. Once the brackets are locked down, they are very ridged and will not drift due to vibration on a machine. In addition, with all of the available adapter plates that are offered, there are other applications we use this product outside Machine vision to mount sensors and Magnetic Clamps.

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Product Reviews

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I have used Swivellink for several different applications. It really solves problems, especially if needing to mount something at an odd angle.  It is very fast to implement, just select the parts and go, no design required, no taking time to machine something!  Cost savings too compared to design and fab.

Steve SollmanEastern Tennessee / Atlanta GA

The first time I saw Swivellink on a machine I thought “Wow! That’s just what I’ve been looking for!”
Now, I get a kick out of it. Every time I show it to one my customers I get either “Where did you get that?!” or “That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!”

Wayne DeLong, Applications EngineerAA Electric, Atlanta GA

The Swivellink mounting system makes mounting Machine Vision cameras and Lighting simple. The adaptability and articulation of the product allows us to mount Cameras and lights in areas where a custom bracket would take hours to manufacture and still not have the same flexibility for positioning. Once the brackets are locked down, they are very ridged and will not drift due to vibration on a machine. In addition, with all of the available adapter plates that are offered, there are other applications we use this product outside Machine vision to mount sensors and Magnetic Clamps.

Brian Seguin, Product ManagerH.H. Barnum Company


I have used Swivellink for several different applications. It really solves problems, especially if needing to mount something at an odd angle.  It is very fast to implement, just select the parts and go, no design required, no taking time to machine something!  Cost savings too compared to design and fab.

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CAD Data


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Dimensions – IMPERIAL Small Series Assemblies
Dimensions – IMPERIAL Standard Series Assemblies
Dimensions – IMPERIAL HD Series Assemblies
Swivel Link Dimensions HD assembly

Dimensions – Metric Small Series Assemblies
Dimensions – METRIC Standard Series Assemblies
Stronguard Technical Information
Conveyor Imperial Blue Instructions
Conveyor Motor Options Spreadsheet
Standard Ball Base AFSB-1 or SLM-1
Small Ball Base AFSB-1XS or SLM-1XS
Heavy Duty Ball Base AFSB-1HD
Vacuum Adaptor AFSB-10-V or SLM-10-V
Standard Knuckle AFSB-2 or SLM-2
Standard Tee Knuckle AFSB-290 or SLM-290
Small Knuckle AFSB-2XS or SLM-2XS
Small Tee Knuckle AFSB-2XS90 or SLM-2XS90
Coupler AFSB-2-2XS or SLM-2-2XS
Heavy Duty Knuckle AFSB-2HD
Standard Ball Adaptor AFSB-3 or SLM-3
Standard Links AFSB-3-(2,4,6,8,12) or SLM-3-(50,100,150,200,300)
Heavy Duty Link AFSB-3-4HD
Heavy Duty Link AFSB-3-6HD
Standard Tee Link AFSB-3T or SLM-3T
Small Tee Link AFSB-3XST or SLM-3XST
Small Link AFSB-3-2XS, AFSB-3-4XS, SLM-3-50XS, SLM-3-100XS
Standard Start Button Base AFSB-4 OR SLM-4
AFSB-5 or SLM-5
AFSB-6 or SLM-6
Standard 30MM Sensor Mount AFSB-7 or SLM-7
Small 12MM Sensor Mount AFSB-7XS or SLM-7XS
Standard 18MM Sensor Mount AFSB-8 or SLM-8
Small 8MM Sensor Mount AFSB-8XS or SLM-8XS
Vesa Mount Plate AFSB-9 or SLM-9
Heavy Duty Vesa Mount Plate AFSB-9-MOD-HD
AFSB-501-M-GTR or SLM-501-M-GTR
AFSB-510XS-S-XC56 or SLM-510XS-S-XC56
AFSB-515XS-S-ICR620 or SLM-515XS-S-ICR620
AFSB-521-C-DI or SLM-521-C-DI
AFSB-523-C-I2000 or SLM-523-C-I2000
AFSB-535XS-B-ACA2500 or SLM-535XS-B-ACA2500
AFSB-540-IFM or SLM-540-IFM
AFSB-551XS-K-SR650-750 or SLM-551XS-K-SR650-750
AFSB-620-S75 or SLM-620-S75
AFSB-621-L300 or SLM-621-L300
AFSB-631-LEDRA70 or SLM-631-LEDRA70
AFSB-632-WLS28-285X or SLM-632-WLS28-285X
AFSB-650-HPD100-150 or SLM-650-HPD100-150
AFSB-101-ISO 50
AFSB-1002 or SLM-10050
AFSB-1002XS or SLM-10050XS
AFSB-1004 or SLM-100100
AFSB-1004XS or SLM-100100XS
AFSB-1006 or SLM-100150
AFSB-1008 or SLM-100200
AFSB-10012 or SLM-100300
AFSB-1044-9 or SLM-100100100-9
AFSB-1102 or SLM-11050
AFSB-1102XS or SLM-11050XS
AFSB-1104 or SLM-110100
AFSB-1104XS or SLM-110100XS
AFSB-1108 or SLM-110200
AFSB-11012 or SLM-110300

Application Videos






AFSB-1102XS-CDMIC Presentation style


What is Swivellink®

The Swivellink® product was originally designed to provide an ergonomic and robust way to put operator start buttons onto custom built industrial machinery. The goal was to protect the expensive button and route the quick disconnect cable internally, because a simple wire break or damaged button can cause hours of costly production down time. We then added our camera adaptor plate to utilize the mounting flexibility to position cameras and lighting to get the best images possible. From there, we developed our sensor mounts for a quick and easy way to add part present sensors.

As vision systems became smaller and lighter it was clear that Swivellink® had to shrink to fit the needs. That is when we developed the XS series. This brought about a much smaller form factor while maintaining the rigidity required for a solid machine vision system. Our kits take all the guesswork out of selecting the various parts needed to fit the application. With vision systems, monitor mounting became a natural addition. Our latest designs include applications for use with robot end of arm tools and are an exciting addition to the product family.

Now distributed worldwide, the Swivellink® product line has been used for hundreds of different applications in all types of industries. Used for vision systems, cycle start buttons, sensors, lights, monitors, part fixtures, tool holsters, and robot applications. The possibilities are endless for your mounting solution.



Swivellink® is a registered trademark product designed and manufactured 
by APT Manufacturing Solutions. It is sold through Authorized Distributors—
A complete list can be found here. Each part is precision-machined from billet 6061 aluminum, anodized, and laser-etched



Distributor Area


Welcome to the Swivellink distributors only area. This will be your customer access portal to information you need as a distributor for Swivellink.  Let us know if there is more information you would like to see here, we are always adding content.

Distributor Price Sheet 01-24-17 Swivellink Price List

(Level 1, Level 2, Suggested Retail): 2017 January SL Price List.  There are 3 tabs:  2017 Imperial (Blue), 2017 Metric (Gray), and 2017 Imperial Conveyor (Blue)

Conveyor Motor Spreadsheet Swivellink Conveyor Motor Spreadsheet

Sample listing of Motors that will work with our Conveyor Kit and which drive kit to order. Motors not included with conveyor kits.

Conveyor Instructions Swivellink Conveyor Instructions

Instructions and formulas for calculating aluminum extrusion lengths and v-belt lengths. Aluminum extrusion and v-belts not included in conveyor kits.

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as a Swivellink distributor, you have direct access to our customer service team using the information below:

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Hicksville, OH 43526


orders can be placed at

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Inside Sales/Global Account Manager

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Director of Sales

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